E-Liquid - Huge Benefits Over Traditional Smokes

If you’re a smoker and you’re tired of your habit slowly killing you and draining your bank account then you need to check out electronic cigarettes.

These devices, also called e-cigarettes, take a simple nicotine solution called e-liquid and turns it into a vapor you can inhale. This vapor is not smoke so it lacks the 60 carcinogens and 4000 chemicals commonly found in normal cigarettes. The e-liquid comes in small cartridges that are replaceable and much more affordable than normal cigarettes.

The atomizer is powered by a small battery that can be charged through a wall plug in, car adaptor or computer cord. Most sets come with two batteries so you can always have one charged. The battery only takes about 30 minutes to charge though so if you need a “smoke” then you won’t have to wait long.

All of this sits inside a container small enough to look like a real cigarette. These are commonly referred to as mini e-cigarettes and are the second generation of these devices. The original electronic cigarettes were bigger and thicker and looked more like an expensive pen than a cigarette.

The e-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors. This is perfect for people trying to quit smoking; they can slowly lower their nicotine intake while not inhaling the poisons and carcinogens normal cigarettes deliver to the body.

Instead of other stop smoking plans that use nicotine patches or powerful drugs like Chantix you aren’t exposed to harmful smoke while you go through the process. Chantix and other stop smoking drugs often have serious side effects and can cause more damage than good.

The laundry list of advantages of electronic cigarettes over standard cigarettes is so convincing it’s hard to understand why anyone would stick with the old cancer sticks over these new inventions.

Health Benefits

The electronic cigarette’s e-liquid delivers a harmless vapor into the air. It may look like smoke but it isn’t and doesn’t carry with it the nasty health side effects. Smoke and second hand smoke harm you and those around you making many states to ban smoking inside public places.

Since there is no harmful chemicals in the vapor you can “smoke” inside all you want. The e-cigs look so much like regular cigarettes you might have to explain yourself but there is no nasty smell or potential to harm others or yourself.

Cost Savings

With the average cost of a pack of cigarettes around $5 in the United States it is very expensive to be a smoker. Some who smokes a pack a day and spends around $35 dollars a week will only spend about $10-$15 with e-cigarettes.

This is a huge savings and you’re not losing out on any of the things you are looking for from traditional cigarettes. You still get the nicotine, the sensation of inhaling the “smoke” and the taste you’re used to.

Why Not Switch?

If you’re looking to quit, to lessen the harmful effects of smoking on your body and those around you or just want to save some money then you need to check out the electronic cigarette.