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  Since i started learning to play a guitar and learning singing, about 2 years ago, i noticed immediately how badly my vocal chords were damaged during smoking years, especially since a lot of those years i was still in "development" stage as a teenager. And no matter how hard i tried i just flat out sucked at singing, partially of course 'cause of lack of good musical hearing, but my vocal chords where straining all the time and i was coughing after even brief periods of playing guitar and singing even most simple things. As before it was clear what was stopping me from achieving things i wanted, or at least stopping me from moving towards them with more speed and satisfaction. Tried to quit again - failed miserably. Fail, fail, fail... Story of my life.

About 13-14 months ago, i first time saw an electronic cigarette in the hands of my friend. Though I've heard about them before, there was so much negative feedback from "real" smokers, that i didn't even bother trying them. While we were sitting outside in front of a burning fire during chilly spring night, just chilling and talking, she pulled out her e-cigarette instead of a real one (she was a smoker in my perception, since she smoked regular cigarettes before) and i guess 'cause it looked so cool glowing in the dark with a weird colored tip - i finally asked to try it. I pulled it a few times and to my surprise to noticed that vapor was pretty thick, and "throat hit" that you feel with tobacco smoke was definitely similar - not like regular water vapor at all! I asked her for the brand and she told me it was a regular Joye 510 e-cigarette which she bought as part of Joye 510 Starter Kit.

Naturally i went online and found a distributor, the website that i found was www.esmokeronline.com from which i ordered my own Joye 510 Kit. Order came in a few days and after filling my first cartridge with E-Liquid from a E-Liquid Sample Pack which i also added in addition to Joye 510 Kit - i knew i found perfect substitute for cheating bars & restaurants where smoking was illegal. While everybody ran outside into cold weather for a smoke break, i was sitting and puffing my new Joye 510 with a satisfied smile.

This was a substitution, cheating government's fascist laws about non-smoking in public places - that's all. I still carried both my Joye 510 and pack of Parliaments Lights. Not in a million years did i think what would happen next...

Though this was only the substitute for real cigarettes in places where you couldn't smoke tobacco anymore, in the period of upcoming 2 months something truly magical has happened. I went outside the bar where we hung out with some friends on Friday night to join them for a smoke and noticed that i forgot my jacket on the back of the chair inside. I bummed a cigarette from my friend and lit it up. I thought it was gonna choke, it tasted so disgusting: "Dude your cigarettes... Something wrong with them....*cough*..." i said and i threw it out.

When i got home that night i started looking for my own pack of my own brand. Not only did i not find an open pack on my table, in pockets of my clothes, i didn't find a pack at all, everything that i had was a carton of my cigarettes on my night table with receipt under it still. Receipt was 3+ months old.... I was about to open it, but then I slowly started trying to remember when i smoked a regular cigarette last time before tonight's "outside smoke break" by the bar. I seriously came to shocking realization that i have not smoked in over a month and a half at least!

I couldn't believe it.... I even lost my desire for sleep, 'cause this is longest I've been without Tobacco since i was fourteen years old. While slowly wondering around the house i found a spare cigarette that I've hid at some point in one of the cups for pens and pencils. I put it in my mouth, lit it from the kitchen stove.... Oh my God, this taste i craved so much before, was literally killing my taste senses with disgusting bitterness. It was the last need for proof - i accepted the fact that i can do without tobacco smoke with little help of my trusty savior the Joye 510 Electronic Cigarette, it was so obvious that I'd be a idiot to deny it. MORE THAN THAT, i think at that point i couldn't have started smoking even if i forced myself to smoke.

This is a story of success. It's been almost a year - my carton of cigarettes still stands tall on my work table behind my monitor on the left side, it is still unopened.

From my own experience and by my advice at least 5 more people have quit smoking in the same way like i did. They have all purchased E-Cigarettes from www.esmokeronline.com, some have ordered Joye 510 like me, other have went with Joye Ego, Joye Super Ego, or T-Rex. They all have had same results, its not a tale which came by the word of mouth - this i witnessed with my own eyes, since i know all 5 of them.

I wish all of you who wish to quit smoking will do it with same unexpected ease as i did.

By the way, I'll tell you a secret... I still can't sing worth of crap! But i can breathe easier 100%!



New York City, April 17th 2011



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